Демьян Кудрявцев (damian) wrote,
Демьян Кудрявцев

Sony’s l 3DTV - The LX900

Albeit marketing key metrics concentrate on reflecting the consumer’s demands as accurate, and quick as possible, it took them over a decade to re-invest into a technology that already was deemed as having passed its zenith. However, 3D is back, reinvigorated and in a massive upswing, and regarding Sony, it deserves a colossal optic as well. The recently introduced edge-lit flagship 3DTV, named LX900, impresses from the first view with a modern monolithic design, and guarantees to enhance not just the media room’s aesthetic. The 60-inch huge LX900 features WiFi connectivity, face tracking systems for advanced settings and comfort, and comes readied up for the flawless home 3D experience with two RealD active shutter glasses and a built-in IR emitter.

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